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Print100 printing service provides name card, PVC card, booklet, catalog, leaflet, poster, wedding invitation card, red packet, calendar, packaging, paper box, shopping bag, folder, envelope, letterhead, memo pad, NCR invoice, receipt, sticker, pre-ink stamp, certificate, foam board, banner printing, etc.  Place an order by email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What sticker materials should I use?

Print100 provides stickers printing service. Sticker materials include Gloss Sticker, Woodfree Sticker, Kraft Sticker, Transparent Sticker, Metallic Gold Sticker, Metallic Silver Sticker, Gloss Gold Sticker, Matte Gold Sticker, Gloss Silver Sticker, Matte Silver Sticker, PE Sticker, Synthetic Sticker which can make packaging labels, bottle labels, name labels, information labels, cartoon labels, die cut labels et.  Each sticker materals show different characteristics. Transparent stickers are made of plastic, transparent and waterproof. As for woodfree and glossy stickers, they are cheaper compared to other sticker materials, they are commonly used and apply to different situation.

Can I choose spot colors for the stickers?

Yes, Print100 provides a wide selection of sticker materials, we also provide solid color printing / spot color printing. 

Are the stickers water repellent?

The most common artpaper sticker, woodfree sticker or kraft paper sticker are not water repellent.  Applying matte lamination or gloss lamination on it helps water resistent.  Commonly using these kind of stickers as souvenirs, promotion gift etc.  Transparent sticker, PE sticker, synthetic sticker are made of plastic so these are waterproof.  Commonly using as on packaging.