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Banner Poster Outdoor Sticker

Print100 printing service provides name card, PVC card, booklet, catalog, leaflet, poster, wedding invitation card, red packet, calendar, packaging, paper box, shopping bag, folder, envelope, letterhead, memo pad, NCR invoice, receipt, sticker, pre-ink stamp, certificate, foam board, banner printing, etc.  Place an order by email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the banner materials?

Banners are often used for outdoor and advertising. Print100 provides sandard banner material, mesh and symphony canvas. For vinyl banner, it has glossy surface and water resistant, it usually comes together with a lightbox. There are micro-holes on mesh banner surface, it has high luminous transmittance and usually used for window side display, advertising and outdoor banner. Standard Banner is a block out banners with less light through, it is water resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. Customers could enjoy free finishings, fold edge and eyelet once you order Print100 banners. 

What materials to be used for roll-up banners?

Print100 roll-up banner comes with plastic and steel stand, it is more durable compare to the plastic stand roll-up banner. Roll up banner is water-resistant, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor display and advertising. Print100 roll up banners are printed on PP paper, it is light weight and easy to carry. Print100 provides a free carrying bag once you order our roll up banners. 

Any difference between outdoor stickers and stickers?

Outdoor sticker usually print graphic or advertisment and wrap on cars or machines. Outdoor stickers are more durable, water and heat resistant compared to stickers. Most of the stickers can only print in small scale and water repellent only. 

What is the usage of window decal?

Window decal also known as computer sign cut sticker and transfer stickers. Window decal can print any kind of shapes, also hollow-out design, window decal is waterproof and scratch-resistant too, it applies to signs, logos and shops, decoration. Window decal / transfer sticker comes with a plotting sticker for easy alignment. Print100 provides a professional installation services, for details, please contact us at 2968 0000.