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12"×12" Stretched Canvas
Service: "Photobook Maker"(PC/Online) for artwork(Free to use)
Delivery: You can arrange to pick up the goods at our store (location).
Size: 12×12” / 12×24” / 12×36” / 16×20” / 20×24” / 24×24” / 24×36” / 36×36”
Material: Canvas
Color: Full Color Printing
Production Time: Standard Size: 10 Working Days Custom Size/Frame required: 16-18 Working Days
Other: Multiple frame style to choose(subject to quote)
  • The exact production lead-time depends on the current situation. Please contact us for detail.
  • The estimate production lead-time does not include the time of artwork production and delivery.
  • General artwork production service takes about 3 to 5 days. Express service is available at extra charge which is subject to quote.
  • Speed printing service and artwork production fee must be paid in advance.
- Or -
Free Download
Please Note:Photobook Maker only supports desktop/laptop devices

Price List
Stretched Canvas - Standard Size
Size (Height"×Width") Pricing  Modern Series Frame Luxury Series Frame
12" × 12" $128 Subject to Quote Subject to Quote
12" × 24" $259
12" × 36" $389
16" × 20" $288
20" × 24" $432
24" × 24" $432
24" × 36" $648
36" × 36" $972
Custom Canvas Size / Canvas Frame Pricing
Amount Area( in² ) Canvas Size  Modern Series Luxury Series
Below 300 in² $0.9 / in² $1 / in² $2 / in²
300 - 500 in² $0.7 / in² $1.3 / in²
501 - 800 in² $0.75 / in² $0.5 / in² $1 / in²
Above 800 in² $0.4 / in² $0.7 / in²

Canvas Frame - Modern Series Model

油畫框: FY3103 - FY3111
FY3110 - FY3111
油畫框: FY3111 - FY3118
FY3111 - FY3118
油畫框: FY3118 - FY3502
FY3118 - FY3502
油畫框: FY3502 - FY3506
FY3502 - FY6210
油畫框: FY3508 - FY6213
FY6210 - FY6215
油畫框: FY6213 - FY6219
FY6216 - FY6501
油畫框: FY6219 - FY6503
FY6502 - FY9315
油畫框: FY6505 - FY9316
FY9316 - FY9326
油畫框: FY9316 - FY9320
FY9328 - FY9509
油畫框: FY9321 - FY9502
FY9510 - FY9322

Canvas Frame - Luxury Series Model

油畫框: FY9502 - FY9509
FY3505 - FY9319
油畫框: FY9510 - FY9515
FY9320 - FY9512
油畫框: FY9516 - FY6506
FY9513 - FY9516









Paper Choice





Order Remarks

Stretched Canvas :
  • The computer file submitted should be the same as the finished product, we accept files in JPG / TIFF with 150dpi or above.
  • The canvas should be at lease 8" but no more then 38".
  • Canvas might be damaged during transportation, the canvas is available for self pickup only.
  • Product prices and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Terms of Use and Conditions may be changed by Print100 at any time without prior notice.

    • Manuscript Production :
      • if new customer need our manuscript production service, customer have to prepay $60 artwork fee, when customer place order it will be deducted. (artwork included: double side artwork, 1 logo tracing and 4 photo retouching)
      • Every extra logo tracing will charge $30 each
      • Every extra photo retouching will charge $30 each
      • Customer may select Online Pre-designs, every pre-design with manuscript production will charge $50.
      • Manuscript will only be charge once for the first artwork, while the rest artwork will the same design and layout. Updating information will not be charged at the next order.
      • * Starting from December 1, 2008, we are providing FREE manuscript production service, including business cards, envelopes, letterheads, wedding cards, greeting cards, notepads, notebooks, stickers, pre-inked stamp, folders, calendar card and mini wall calendars. (Special products are excluded)
      • Manuscript production service include: manuscript amended twice only, $50 for each extra amendment.
      • Manuscript production requires 2 working day, we welcome customer provide artwork.
      • Manuscript is owned by Print100, artwork file will not be sent / copied to customer.

      • Text and images should position within 3 - 5mm from the Trim Line.
      • The file size should not exceed 3MB.
      • The standard size for business card is 94 x 58mm (include bleeding). Actual size is 90 x 54 mm .
      • Please be noticed the possible area trim away for round cornering.
      • Please locate the two side in a file for one artwork, do not break into 2 files. (except JPG & TIF format)
      • Please be noticed thin and small text may not be seen clearly if ink amount set lower than 50%.
      • We accept files from PC or Mac, PC file will be more conveniece to us.

      • Please keep all colors in the artwork to CMYK mode.
      • Please refer to CMYK Color Book for standard CMYK output color, color on screen (RGB) shall not be the reference. (We provide Color Card for Matt Lamination card, Super White Stock Paper, Spot UV card and Woodfree Paper.)
      • Please use CMYK color only while handling the artwork in computer.
      • We do not accept returns on color differences if the artwork uploaded was made up with colors other than CMYK (RGB, Pantone, Spot Color, etc.).
      • Please note that there will be a +/- 10% color difference for reordering the same artwork.
      • We will not amend anything on the artwork (e.g. converting Spot Color to CMYK color).
      • Do not place any Spot Color in the artwork as errors may occurred while printing the artwork.
      • Please avoid using Full Process Ink (100% for C, M, Y, K value) as the high total ink amount will affect the output product.

      • Print100 will not take any liability on any of the content (overly offensive or contain illegal material) in customer provide artwork.
      • We do not accept any returns for errors other than color or text made by Print100 for customer provide artwork.
      • We provide service on photo-taking self portrait for business card.
      • We accept computer artwork only, do not accept filmset.